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Mont-Blanc is recruiting for it's winter season 2021-2022.Click here to see us in the latest edition of L'Info du Nord Mont-tremblant. 

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Presse release for immediate release

Press release regarding the acquisition of Ski Mont Blanc by Groupe Forman
Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré, Tuesday, October 5th, 2021 - Groupe Forman announces the acquisition of Ski Mont
Blanc located at 1006 Rt. 117 Saint-Faustin, Quebec, Canada J0T 1J2
Mont Blanc, as it is today, was born from a dream, from the visionary; Phillip Robinson. Him, his family and the
passionate employees have together transformed the mountain over the years to always offer customers the
best possible experience.
Today, Philip Robinson's dream continues. The Robinson family, after more than 50 years creating mountain
development and progress, is handing the torch. This torch is passed with confidence to a courageous team, a
team of experienced and passionate people working, among other things, in the fields of real estate. Groupe
Forman would like to reassure and clarify that the Mont Blanc family as you know it, made up of its most loyal
members and employees, remain. The essence of Mont Blanc, the aspiration that has transported Mont Blanc
over the years, Mr. Robinson’s ambition perseveres. Mr. Fortier, Founder and President of Groupe Forman
added: “The acquisition of Ski Mont Blanc by Groupe Forman fulfills our company's promise and our ambition to
see our ideas adopted by as many people as possible. Our teams will continue to develop and give themselves
the mandate to make this Mountain that is Mont Blanc, shine even more beautifully at its true value, and this
with the same care, in order to offer the best possible experience to our users. "
This winter, you will see the smiles of all our employees whom you know so well. Mont Blanc, over the seasons
will pursue its mission; discover the exceptional territories of the Laurentians to all, with its future motto: "Mont
Blanc, enjoy it at all times, 12 months a year, for young and old

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