The best way to begin the season!

Mailing Service

The mailing service allows you to start your ski season with absolute peace of mind! No need to wait in line, no waiting indoors all dressed in winter clothes, simply fill out the form below to receive your Mont Blanc RFID PASSE PLUS+ cards at home within a few days!

Put it in your sleeve on the left sleeve of your coat and don't worry about it anymore! You'll be able to head straight to the slopes on your first day of skiing. No activation required, the green light at the gate will confirm your entry right of way.

Don't hesitate to take it out of your pocket when you visit our online store, you can then purchase day tickets or season passes and reload them directly onto your card. 

The mailing service is $5 before taxes per mailing address. Don't wait any longer!

I have last year's PASSE PLUS +, is it still good?

Precisions on the PASSE PLUS +

Many of you were wondering what happened to the PASS PLUS+ Connect&GO that some of you still have from last year and wanted to know if theses were still valid. 

Unfortunately, we have ended our partnership with the computer company of our points of sales following a difficult season. 

So we are starting afresh with a new company for point of sale services and access control: AXESS. 

Thus, the passes you had in your possession last year are no longer valid. So you can get rid of them. You will need to be issued a completely new card.

We strongly recommend our postal delivery service to receive your cards at home.